Tuesday, February 19, 2013

January 2013

January started off with a little sledding at our friend's house.  The kids had so much fun.  Their cousin Dax came along too and they were all smiles for about 45 minutes and then they were all done.  The crying started and we headed for home. 
 Here is Dave and Kale on the toboggan that I had as a kid.  It still works!
 Dax, Emelia, and Ava took a turn on the sled!
 Here's my little owl, Emelia!  She just laughed and giggled all the way down the hill.
 Here they all are going for a ride!
 Emelia and Kale took several trips down the hill and usually stayed at the bottom to play for a while in the snow!  Fun was had by all!
 Ava ended up sick the last week of January and we had to go pick her up from school.  She tried going back for one day, but ended up with a fever.  Kale is pretending he is calling school and has his tool box with his medical equipment so he can fix her!  He is so funny! Then Emelia followed her and Kale wasn't too far behind. 

Here are random pictures throughout the month....some not in order, but I wanted to do this in January and here it is mid February!  So here goes!

 One of my projects I wanted to accomplish before I went back to work after Christmas was to organize my basement tubs. I got it finished and with my garage sale last fall I was able to empty out over 20 tubs! 
 Here's Daddy and the kids.  I think he was reading, but ended up getting tackled.
 Emelia Rose sporting some pigtails!

 Here's a picture of the kids and their new shirts.  My friend that we met while Ethan was sick made these.  Aren't they adorable!
 Here is one of my many projects in January.  I made 100 wedding invitations for our friends in Arkansas.  He is the rodeo clown for Ethan's Rodeo.
 Here's a card we did at stamp club.
 Emelia Rose being goofy hiding under her bed.
 This is the same card as above, but modified for stamp camp.
 Ava lost her first tooth!  She was so excited!
 I dyed my hair dark.....still not decided if I like it or not, but I've had it for a few weeks now!  Guess I can always dye it again!
 These are the invitations I did for my nephews 2nd birthday!
 Another stamp camp card.
 We celebrated Aunt Hannah's 14th birthday.

 The kids hanging out in our bedroom!
 Project for February.  Dave is finally going to work on our mudroom area.  So hopefully come the end of February I will have pictures to share.
That's it for the month!  It's been a good year thus far!  Looking forward to spring when we can get outside to play more!


Lynn said...

So many adorable pictures and fabulous cards. The favorite of them all is Emelia's pigtails. So adorable!

Sharon said...

I have followed your blog for a long time and always enjoy it and the pictures of your beautiful children!