Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Kale!

Here is Kale with his "smash" cake!
This was Kale's birthday invitation. I copied off of a friend of mine....Thanks Jenny! They were so simple, yet so cute! Here's a look at the inside!

Here's the whole table, cowboy napkins too!

Instead of a big cake, my sister-in-law made her famous pettifor cakes!

< /a> Here is Kale's birthday card from Mommy and Daddy
Here is the famous banner that I made for Ethan's 4th birthday that hangs proudly in Kale's room. When Ethan saw this hanging he told our good family friend, Brick, that it said "Happy Birthday Ethan!"

The table decorated with pictures of Kale, his card, and his cakes.

Kale is showing off on his new rocking horse!

Let's just pick up the whole cake!

His new rocking horse from Mommy and Daddy.
This is the winning present! Kale loves this new ride-0n-train. It makes noise and blows balls out of the top!
Ava loves to push him around the house on his new ride-on-train!
Kale had a great birthday! He got a TON of new toys and clothes! Daddy just needs to finish up on the house so we have room for them all!

Here is Ava in her cowgirl attire!


Lynn said...

Adorable...I love Kale's very blessed little boy!

judy anderson said...

I love your kids smiles. They look like they come from the heart. I love all the cowboy stuff, too.

Elise said...

Goodness, GRACIOUS! Alicia, the fun at YOUR house is a barn-razer for sure! Yeee HAW! My "all things Western-loving heart" just burst a little: you sure know how to party, girl! What a hoot! Your decor, photos and DELIGHTFUL brood are amazing! Many, many blessings to you! Yeahoooooooo!

Stampin' Pam said...

Alicia what a GREAT bd party for Kale - Love all the little touches you put on to make it even more special. The petit-four cakes are adorable - love them. I'm sure he will be very proud of these photos when he's a young man looking back. Ava is adorable too. Thanks for sharing with us.