Saturday, December 19, 2009

JUGS Color Challenge #12

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It's time again for another JUGS Challenge. This week's challege was a little tough I thought. We used colors that I wouldn't typically put together, but I really like the color combo now that I used it. It's always good to try something new every once in a while. We had company all day yesterday and I had been so busy earlier in the week working on a Christmas present for my husband that I literally through this card together in a few minutes before we had to leave last night. I really don't enjoy making cards under pressure, but sometimes I think I work better when I have a deadline. The colors I used were all from PTI, Rasberry Fizz, Pure Poppy, Kraft, and New Leaf. Now I need to concentrate and work on my Christmas cards. My goal is to mail them Monday so we'll see if that happens! Here's a little update on the home front too. Above is Kale at 1 month. I sat him next to this moose and am hoping to continue to take his picture by this so you can see how big he is getting. I jumped on the scale the other day with him and he is almost 12 lbs....isn't that amazing! He is really a very good baby and only fusses when he has wet/dirty pants or wants to eat. He eats a LOT and lets you know is he is hungry!!!
Monday we went to the mall so we could visit with Santa. Ava girl was so cute. She wasn't scared at all. She decided about a week ago that she wanted a baby doll bed from Santa and she knows exactly what she wants. She proceeded to tell him the shape, what size, and color that she wanted her bed to be. Too bad Santa has been done with Ava for several weeks now. So I spent a good portion of this week trying to find her a bed online that would get here in time. I think I accomplished that, but I had to explain to her that Santa might not get us exactly the bed that she wanted. Here's a picture of Ava and Kale with Santa. I probably won't make it back here before Christmas so here's wishing all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Dana Gustafson said...

What a wonderful card Alicia! I love all the layers and it's so gingerbread-a-licious! Makes me ready for my cookie baking day on monday.

Loved your story about Ava'a new bed wish...I hope santa has a trailer he can attach to his slay for the big items! ;) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Stampin' Pam said...

Alicia this is totally adorable - that gingerbread man looks good enough to eat - so cute with his buttons on his belly. I agree that the colors were, at first, really hard for me, but also, like you - they ended up working out OK. That's what I love about a good challenge:-) THe photos of the kids are wonderful - love that you use the Moose with Kale so we have a frame of reference. Have a wonderful Christmas - even tho some of it will be hard for you emotionally I hope you will experience peace and joy and warm and loving memories. Hugs and holiday smiles.

Tracey Cuccia said...

Alicia - I just LOVE your card!! I would never have guessed you just "threw this together" lol. FABULOUS take on my challenging colors :). Kale is SO cute - and yes, isn't it great when Santa is all done, and they come up with something new they need??? eesh...Santa's got it rough :).

Merry Christmas to you & the family...big {{{HUGS}}} to you all too!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Awe, How cuuute Alicia! Not only your card but your children :) I collect gingerbread men so of course, I adore your card! You did an excellent job mixing up this week's color combo :)

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE this card! The gingerbread man looks good enough to eat! OOOH! I just saw Pam said the same thing! Well it's true! LOVELY design!

Lauren (mytime) said...

OK I love the card but those cutie pies stole the show!!! Love the photos. Kale is SOOOO flippin cute. AWE! I miss my "babies". Ava is too funny-particular like her mommy! Amber LOVED taking to her on the phone!! Hope to chat again soon. Merry Christmas

Kristin Bueter said...

OMG Alicia...look how big Kale is getting! I HAVE to send your box today...err...tomorrow (Post Office is closed due to weather I believe). Ava is so funny deciding a week before Christmas that she wants a new, very specific bed for her baby! So adorable...though probably not so much for Santa ;] Ha ha

I can't believe you literally threw that card together in minutes! That's crazy, it turned out awesome! LOVE the gingerbread man with the script patterned paper behind it. The layout is perfect...and so unique! Great job under pressure :]

Hope everything is coming together nicely for Christmas! I know it will be hard for you but I'm very happy that you have Ava and Kale to keep you occupied. Merry Christmas, my dear friend. Hug those babies for me ♥

Maria Levine said...

Fabulous card! I love htat gingerbread man!

Great photos of the kids!