Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Sweet Card and My Kiddos!

Ava Girl and I got to venture out of the house last Saturday to a craft show that we attend every year. This year the highlight was new American Girl clothes. Here is Ava showing off a new outfit on her Bitty Baby Isabelle. She loves to dress them up!

Here's Baby Kale on Sunday. Doesn't he look cute in his little cowboy shirt. I'm just nuts over cowboy stuff. I went last night to finish up my Christmas shopping and I found 4 horse outfits for my little guy. He won't have a choice about being a litle cowboy until he can dress himself!!!

Here a baby card that I made for two friends that had little girls recently. I just love how they turned out. I personalized the onsie with their names. Now I'm off to get a shower before company starts to come. I need to pick up some too! My main goal these days has been to at least take a shower each day....isn't that pathetic. This was actually the first day that I created a card. I've been working on finishing my baby announcements that I will share in a few days. I wanted to at least get them in the mail before I showed them on here. I'm tweeking my Christmas cards and we are getting together tonight to work on them and drink a little wine! My friends and I got together to work on cards last year and it was so much fun so we decided to do it again this year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fun shopping for great deals on Friday!


Debbie said...

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving also!

Beth said...

Great card! Love the colors. Ava is so adorable and so is baby Kale.
Thinking of you during this Thanksgiving season. Take care - God Bless.

Noreen said...

Don't worry about what you do or don't get done.. this is the time to just spend time with and enjoy your little ones.

Congratulations on your new baby.

MacKenzie said...

Taking a shower each day is a GOOD goal, but hard to do sometimes! When I had my first baby, my record was 7 days without a shower. Oh my word - so embarassing to admit!! It's amazing how such a tiny person can take up sooooo much of your time. I miss those days :-)

Kristin Bueter said...

Alicia, Kale is sooooo cute! He looks like a mini-man...err...cowboy in this photo! I just want to squeeze him and kiss his little cheeks! Ava is totally adorable also cuddling her little baby doll! I love those days...both ages, they're such sweethearts!

Your baby cards are totally precious also! LOVE the design and the pretty pink palette you chose. Oh and how clever to monogram each onesie! Too cute :O)

Hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving and didn't have to deal with any crazy Black Friday shoppers yesterday!