Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween from our Little Cupcake and Super E!

We had a nice Halloween stretched out over several days. We modeled Ava's costume off of the one in the Pottery Barn Catalog (imagine that!) My husband helped to make most of it and he will gladly tell you that he did. Here's some pictures of our little cupcake from Halloween.
Here's a family photo....oh if you only knew how proud my husband was! I can hardly get the guy to wear dress pants to church, but he wore a suit for 2 days to poke fun at Obama.
Here's our little Ava girl again trick or treating at the winery!
Here's Super "E" and Ava girl from Halloween last year.....oh how he loved to dress up!
Sometimes Ava and I let Lilly Rose come inside to play for a while. Daddy didn't know this, but he played along on Saturday. She just loves her kitty!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!


Tara B said...

Unbelievably cute Alicia (and Dave)! You are such a creative family!
I also love seeing the pic of Super E and Ava the witch.

Anki said...

Wonderful - seems like you had a great time together and you were cute too ;-) I am sure Super E was with you as well. Kram - Anki

MacKenzie said...

Ava's cupcake costume came out great - she looks adorable!