Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Stamp Area (Under Construction) & Philly Update

Since we have nothing else to do at our house, I decided to try to revamp my "corner of the world". This is my stamping area and what you see is a new island that my husband just built right before we left for Philly. It's not painted yet and still needs some more stools and organization, but I love it. My island is 44" wide by 54"'s huge and I love it. Idealy I have the side that has the one stool for right now set up so the kids can play and the other side is where I work. I have storage all under the other side, but it's not real organized yet as I had very little time to work on this last week. It's so nice though because this used to be a 3/4 wall and I felt like I was trapped in the corner and now I can see out. I share this space with our dining room and we actually have toys on one half too so it's a room with a lot of purposes, but it works for us! Hopefully when we return from Philly I can finish the space. I need to patch a little paint on the wall and just "put everything in its place"! One funny thing about the building of this is when my Dad came over I had everything piled high on the dining room table and underneath the island (I guess it is really a penisulla), was open, so Dad told my kiddos that this was their new playhouse. Well, when Ethan woke up from his nap and saw that I had filled up his "play house", he was in tears......thanks Dad. Papa had Ethan and Ava convinced this was for them! Too funny!!

Philly Update:

Ethan is getting ready to have his MIBG injection today. He has surgery this morning to place his catheter. A funny story about last time was that when he got back to the room, he discovered that he had a "tubie" coming out of his Ethan's words! Needless to say, he hated it. He's doped up on versad, a sedative, so he's not all there during this process, so that helps, but he says the darndest things. Last time he had this treatment he told the Doctors that came in that He already had his tubie in his wiener, so don't try to put one in! He's too funny. He's asleep right now and slept good all night. He's just hooked up to fluids and the "fun" will begin today. We are praying that this treatment puts him in remission again. I know some of you read my blog for the "crafty" part and others read it for both "crafty" and "family" you get both!

Here's a picture of my husband and Ethan at the Liberty Bell on Tuesday. I think Ethan was expecting so much more......all he wanted to do after he saw it was go!

Hope to be back with some cards later in the weekend. Best case scenario is that we return sometime on Saturday......that would be so nice! Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you during this time. Praying for you and your family that everything goes well. I just recently stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed viewing your projects.
Again, praying for your son and all of you.
God Bless

cnote_71 said...

I can see you are going to love your new stamping space. Hope all is going well in Philly and you will head for home soon. Praying for safe travels and good results.

Love, Cheryl

Justine said...

Stumbled over from Lauren's blog. Your family is adorable.. Your Stampin studio is amazine. I have mine photographed over on my blog, you;ll see why I am soooooooo jealous.......

Cynde said...

Your new work space looks terriffic...I would love having that big of a table top...for all types of crafting.