Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're BERRY Glad to be HOME!

We made it back home today after a 4 night stay in the hospital with Ethan. It seemed like such a long stay with having no notice at all that we would be getting admitted on Wednesday. Luckily the infection was caught early and Ethan was able to be treated right away and his lines cleared the infections very quickly. I have so much to get done now around our house. I wasn't caught up on laundry before we left so now I doubled that! Oh will all get done sometime. We're just so "BERRY" glad to be home.

I wanted to try Beate's weekend sketch as I haven't gotten to participate for a while. I got to get out of the hospital to go shopping for a bit and I got Ava the absolute cutest dress from Gymboree! It is pink with red and pink strawberries on it and it has a sweater to match with strawberry pockets. She had to put it on right away when we got home! She looks so sweet in it. I'm going to take her 2 year pictures in it. So my card has strawberries from SU's Tart and Tangy set and I used the setiment from a very old SU set Fruity Phrases.

I'll attach a couple pictures of the kids too. Dave let Ethan finger paint in the hospital! This is definitely finger painting! Ava is running from me as I'm trying to take her picture in her new dress!! Hope you enjoy! I had fun getting to make a card today!

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cnote_71 said...

I can't believe all the curls in Ava's hair and the dress looks adorable on her. Ethan is getting so tall and just looks great. Hope today's trip went well. One more day of radiation! Oh, I liked your card too. Looking forward to getting together next week.