Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Ava!

Today is Ava's 2nd birthday! It doesn't seem possible that she is 2 already. She's definitely into the terrible twos! She had a great birthday party yesterday with all of her Grandmas and Papas. We had a small gathering since Ethan is on isolation, but the kids had a good time. I made Ava a princess card to go with her princess party theme. Of course the card was more for me than her, but someday she'll appreciate them!

I'll have to take a picture of my Mom's and Grandma's cards to share with you all too. We had to leave "very" early this morning to take Ethan to radiation......4:00 am. We got back around 12:30 so that wasn't too bad. Tomorrow his appt is at 9:00 so we won't have to leave until 6:00. I drew up several sketches that I'd like to try while the kiddos nap today....we'll see if I get them down at the same time. I've been going back through SU's catalog to find sample cards. They usually have some really good ideas and I like to case a little and change the cards to make them my own. I have one in mind that I'll hopefully get finished this week.

Thanks for taking a peek.
Here's a couple quick cards modeled after the card in SU's catalog on page 3. I wish I would have used a cuttlebug embossed background for my "mother" card, but I already had everything glued down. The stamps for the strawberry card are from Papertrey Ink's Green Thumb and the stamps for the Mother card is from Garden Silhouettes. Gotta run....I think you can figure out the rest! Gotta go do a dressing change on Ethan and then head for bed!

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