Friday, December 7, 2012

Playing with MFT

I'm finally getting to play along with the MFT Guest Designer contest.  This has been on my wish list to do for quite some time now and I finally sat down the other night and created a cute little card using my Peek-a-Boo Pure Innocence stamp set. I LOVE Pure Innocence stamps.  I've got several on my wish list for Christmas!  Every month they have this contest I think, do I have time to dedicate myself to designing for a month as their guest designer? I'm finally at a point after 2 1/2 years building our house, getting almost everything unpacked, Christmas cards made, almost all of my gifts purchased and the house decorated, I am ready!  Not to mention my 6 year old Ava, 3 year old Kale, and my 1 year old Emelia that keep me hopping every minute of everyday!

The prize as they say is HUGE!  Now this would be the best Christmas present!  If you aren't familiar with My Favorite Things Stamps then head over to their blog and check them out!  Each month the stamps just get cuter and cuter and I love their paper too!  I used the Lily Bee Design - Handmade Tiny Tablet.  The best part is that this card has already been received by a special friend and she LOVED it!

How will I do this if I win?  I have my room organized and I'm ready to go.  I do most of my crafting at night when my kiddos are sleeping.  It lets me relax and unwind from the day.  One of my goals is not only to take more time to make cards and scrapbook, but I want to actually get my cards out in the mail!  My friends and family love it when they receive cards from me so that is a HUGE goal that I have set and so far the past couple weeks I have sent out over 5 cards.  Getting ready to send out 120 Christmas cards too!  I think 2013 is going to be a great least I hope it is!  I will be back next week to share my Christmas card with everyone.  I kept it pretty simple this year due to how many I send out, but none the less I love them and my picture is sooo cute of my kiddos! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Wish me luck!


Lynn said...

Go Alicia!! I'm rooting for you...your card is adorable. So glad to hear that all is well with your family!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Adorable card Alicia! I remember you from JUGS! :) You were also a scrapper :) Happy Holidays!