Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where Did January Go?

I can't believe it is February already! I haven't really felt good from before Christmas so I haven't gotten a whole lot accomplished around here lately and just yesterday I realized that I hadn't taken a single picture of either of the kids since Christmas! That is unheard of for me, so I whipped out the camera yesterday and caught some cute pictures running around the house playing.

Ava and Kale were so funny yesterday taking turns putting on Ava's glasses. Kale found the stick horse so he was running around with it having so much fun! We haven't left the house in 2 days and looks like we will be in for a while longer. They are calling for 12-24 inches of snow with blizzard like conditions. We are so ready for spring! Usually around here we get a few inches at a time, but I can't ever recall in my lifetime where we have had this much snow. Businesses and medical facilities have been closing down all over the area.
Hopefully I will get back into my stamp room. I did get all of my pictures uploaded and am caught up through 2010. Now that I'm finally feeling a bit better I might get back into my scrapbooking....I just need my energy to come back now! August can't get here soon enough!
Hope everyone out there is enjoying all of this snow!


Lynn said...

Hey there...hope you get your energy back soon! I love your blog header update...I love all three pictures...but really love that picture of Ava. Her long hair is just beautiful! And those two handsome boys melt my heart!

Andrea M said...

What a fun blog background and I love the new header! Awesome pics of the cuties!!!

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