Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekly Update from the Weimans!

Check out the shades too!
I got home from work on Tuesday and Dave was unloading some rock in our driveway. I was feeding Kale his supper and Ava had gone upstairs for something. She came back down in a different outfit....this time she had on jeans, a pink shirt, and her sparkly belt. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was going to go help Daddy. I couldn't pass up these pictures....isn't this too cute! The flip flops just make the outfit! Later she did come in to get socks so she could put on her pink cowgirl boots because her feet were getting dirty!
I was doing some long overdue weeding and Kale was hanging out with me so I had to get a picture of Kale too. He turned 7 months old on Sunday! He's such a big boy. He is sitting up, rolling all over and really wanting to start crawling!
Ava Girl was helping me make some baby shower invitations last night! We had a lot of fun and she is quite the little crafter!
Tonight we went to Brick and Rosie's house to go swimming and the kids had a ball as usual. Kale seems to really like the water and kicks his feet the entire time. Ava loves to squirt people. Everyone got quite wet, including Grandma and Papa too!

We visited for a while after swimming and got this great picture of Rosie, Ava, and their dog Ernie. They are all sitting on their hammock having a great time!

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Andrea M said...

Great pictures Alicia! So sweet :)