Tuesday, October 15, 2019

While Dav'es away......I go to Hobby Lobby!

Dave and the oldest two went to the cold Homecoming football game.  So Em and I decided to eat supper with my parents and make a trip to Hobby Lobby and look what jumped into my cart......stools!  Now all we need is our kitchen island which is coming along nicely.


We picked up our windows today and have high hopes to have them installed by the end of the weekend......and he did it.  All are in and the soffit has begun.  Tomorrow the porch pad will be poured!  One step closer!

We have a ROOF!

We hired out the metal roof and after 2 days the panels are on.  We just need roof trim and we are well on our way to having a weather tight building. 

Bring on the Roof!

We are ready for the roof to start!  Dave and friends worked until dark to get the walls all sheathed and wrapped.  To say we are anxious to be water tight is an under statement.  It's all starting to come together now!

This is our fancy sewer connection from our camper to our septic!  Living the high life!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

All lit up!

This is a first when I drove up our drive tonight....lights in the barn. Dave was working late working on an interior wall since the exterior is so muddy. Looks kinda cool all lit up!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


It’s days end...for daylight anyway. We are on the move again.....full steam ahead about 40 feet! Wondering how many are jealous of our current living situation?!? We “should” be parked behind the barn now until we move the rig into the barn!!! But I’m sure in true Weiman fashion things will be an adventure!

We are planning to eat in tonight! Hamburgers and slaw are on the menu! I cook mostly in an electric skillet right now. Kale is my tricky one....he’s such a picky eater. He will have pasta after football practice. I can handle that!!!

We should be hooked back up to a “full hookup” momentarily! Woohoo.....we get to dump the shitter! That’s Dave’s terminology! I will say though after 19 years together with Dave, this is by far the craziest adventure we have been on! I figure if we can get through a cancer battle with our son and losing him, then building a house over a 2 year time period, it makes this whole adventure seem like a piece of cake! I’m waiting patiently on the icing part though!!!

Bonus tonight....Ava and I built a sidewalk!!! It’s the little things!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A Familiar Sight....Trusses at last!

Monday Barn update.....

The trusses are up and they had time for a row of sheathing on one side before the lights went out!  I’m praying extra hard tonight that everything goes as planned and the barn is one solid structure by end of the day tomorrow. It seems huge now!

We actually are eating in another night in a row....left overs but that still counts right??  I even got groceries while Em was at basketball practice. I’m making chicken pot pie soup this week. I keep thinking if I make fall foods the weather will follow suit! 

Funny story from tonight.  I haven’t payed close attention to the school calendar for October and I’ve been wanting to take a day off and just have a “me day”.  I tried last Friday and the weather was going to be horrible so I thought about this Friday, but I have a big bid so I decided on Monday. My birthday is Sunday so thought that would be a good day.  So after practice was over the coach was saying we wouldn’t have practice next Monday due to a camp that they had in the gym all day. I said in a questioning voice, “Do the kids not have school Monday?”  She said no they don’t and she offered to keep my kids if I needed her too. I said oh no that’s not it. I took the day off and thought I had it all to myself. My bubble totally got burst!!! 😂

While Dav'es away......I go to Hobby Lobby!

Dave and the oldest two went to the cold Homecoming football game.  So Em and I decided to eat supper with my parents and make a trip to Hob...