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Posts's been just a "few" days since I last posted, but I think it's time I get back into the blogging world.  How's everyone been?  We are good.  The family is growing.  Ava just turned 13, Kale is 9 1/2 and Emelia is 7, but will tell you that she will be 8 in August!  We are gearing up to sell our house and move across the river to Missouri.  So life is full of getting things ready to move, keeping the house clean for showings, and keeping up with all the activities our kids are involved in. 

I have added several hobbies to my lineup and wanted to share something that I haven't shared love for making Royal Icing Sugar cookies.  I learned this art from a friend of mine about 4 years ago and have been making them ever since.  I'm just shy of having 300 cookie cutters and have made a few thousand cookies over that last few years.  I thought I would share my Easter collection of cookies.  I plan to make more eggs this year.  I use the Best …
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My Christmas Tag Class.

Fun tags I created for a local class I'm teaching this week! 

Some Thanksgiving Treats

Last year my friend taught me how to make royal icing cookies.  I love making them so Ava made the dough and we whipped up some cookies yesterday.  Here's our attempt at some yummy Thanksgiving cookies.

Ava's Foxy Chick Birthday!

Ava turned 9 in April and wanted a fox themed birthday.  So "Foxy Chick" was it!  She wanted a frozen Lego set and its on display with all her other sets. They never come apart once they are together! 

Here's the cake table! 

I had s matching shirt made for her. She loved it! 

Here's her "Foxy Chick" invitations! 

Then came the fox cake. sort of looks like a fox! 

Here's the finished project!  She loved how it turned out! 

This is a canvas she painted at her sleepover with her friends.  
I love decorating and throwing parties. It's fun having the birthdays spread out over the year so I can have fun planning each one! 

Emelia's Frozen Party

Emelia's 4th birthday was all about Frozen like every other little girl turning 4!  She just loves to sing and dance to all the songs.  Here is her invitation.  She loved it!  
A friend of mine showed me how to make cookies with royal icing. I love this new hobby abc I've been getting better at my detail work. Like I needed another hobby, but what the heck!  The kids love to help make the cookies too!

Stamp Camp Cards

I downloaded blogger on my phone so I think I'm back in business.  These are my cards I created for Fall Stamp Camp.  My new favorite Stampin' Up! color is Blackberry Bliss. I'm so excited that I have this on my phone now!  Woo hoo!!!

I will be back soon to share my kids birthday party creations!

It's been a while!'s been a while!  A little over 2 years has flown by and I got the urge to start blogging again.  Facebook seems to get a little too political and full of drama and my blog can be just about fun stamping stuff and my kiddos!  Let's see.  Ava is now 9 1/2, Kale just turned 6 and Miss Emelia isn't a baby anymore and is 4 years old.  They keep us hopping.  We are still hosting Ethan's Rodeo and had a very successful 6th year and donated $33,000.  It's awesome to see Ethan's memory living on. 

Due to me not having most of my pictures on my computer anymore, I will have to learn how to blog from my phone!  That's where all my fun stamping creations are.  So until then....I will have some invitations to share from all of my kids birthdays so stay tuned!